Duckett Rod specs

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Duckett Rod specs

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DFGG68MH-C — 6’8” length - 10-14 pound test line - 1/8-5/8 ounce lures - fast action - medium heavy power rating.

Comments: Balances perfectly with 12-pound line and 3/8-ounce jigs, 6” worms and medium-sized topwaters. Moves big fish with surprising ease and still feels like a feather in your hand. May be the best all-around rod of the bunch.

DFGG610M-C — 6’10” length – 8-14 pound test line - 3/16-5/8 ounce lures -fast action – medium power rating

Comments: Smaller worms and jigs, grubs, spinner-baits and top-water baits. An excellent 10-12 pound line rod for lighter duty, clear water applications. Nice soft tip for casting smaller, light baits, but has surprising power the hook set.

DFGG70MH-C — 7’0” length – 12-17-pound line - 3/16-5/8 ounce lures - fast action - medium-heavy power rating

Comments: A really well balanced worm rod for 10-25 feet of water applications. We used it in open-water situations where the cover isn’t too thick, but this rod will surprise you when you need to put the pressure on even a big bass. The fast action makes this an accurate caster and a good choice for medium sized baits.

DFGG73MH-C — 7’3” length – 12-17-pound line - 3/16-5/8 ounce lures - fast action - medium-heavy power rating

Comments:: A nice, fast tip with a powerful backbone makes this rod a perfect choice for fishing Texas/Carolina rigs and small jigs, especially in clear water when you need longer casts and more leverage for a long range hook-set. This is going to be an awesome buzz-bait rod.

DFGG73H-C — 7’3” length - 14-20-pound Co-Ploy, Fluorocarbon line - 5/16-3/4 ounce lures - fast action - heavy power rating

Comments: A very effective deep-water jig rod for fishing in relatively heavy cover. Has the power to move a fish out from under a dock or from thick grass to the boat now, yet it won’t wear you out and you can fish with it all day long… no sore muscles, no fatigue, no problem.

DFGG76XH-C — 7’6” length - 14-20-pound Co-Ploy, Fluorocarbon line and 50 pond test braid - 5/16-3/4 ounce lures – extra fast action – extra heavy power rating

Comments: Extremely effective heavy cover rod; also works well with an umbrella rig. We primarily used this rod while flipping “Duck Weed or Primrose” with braid. This rod will ****** the biggest of fish out of the heaviest of cover before it realizes it’s in the boat.

With more and more anglers becoming confident using and finding success with crank baits, the Duckett has addressed this technique with two rods. The Medium power 7-foot-0-inch model is designed to fish smaller lightweight crankbaits and jerk-baits, while the 7-foot-6-inch Medium Heavy model with its extra fast action other crankin’ applications.

Crankin’ Rods

DFGG70M-CC — 7’0” length - 8-12 pound line - 3/16-5/8 ounce lures - moderate action - medium power rating

Comments: Casting a soft jerkbait, weighted only by the size of hook you use, requires a very responsive rod tip; this is the rod for it. Very effective when we used small crankbaits and jerkbaits such as shad raps and flukes.

DFGG76MH-CC — 7’6” length – 8-12 pound line - 5/16-3/4 ounce lures - fast action – medium heavy power rating

Comments: This crankbait rod is the best choice when you fish in the timber or around thicker vegetation. It has plenty of backbone to for handling heavy weights and big bass in deep water. Oh yea… it handles larger baits too!

Spinning reel fans were not left out in the cold, asDuckettintroduces two 6-foot-9-inch medium heavy models is intended for lighter lines, clear water and smaller baits, and a 7-foot-0-inch medium rod for deep-water light line/small bait fishing.

Spinning Rods

DFGG69MH-S — 6’9” length - 6-12 pound line - 1/8-5/16 ounce lures - fast action - medium-heavy power rating

Comments: Small worm/jighead combos, 2-5” grubs, small topwaters, little jigs, gin-clear water, just enough wind to make casting tough and finicky bass. Ultra-sensitive spinning rod great for finesse fishing.

DFGG70M-S — 7’0” length - 6-12 pound line - 1/8-3/8 ounce lures -fast action - medium power rating

Comments: The perfect solution for deep-water fishing where small baits and light line are a must to be successful. The fast tip allows you to cast un-weighted worms and soft jerkbaits a long ways with enough power to drive the hook home and pull the fish away from trouble.

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