The Mini Bass Boat

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The Mini Bass Boat

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:48 am

So lets talk about the Mini Boat, the Plastic or Polyethylene boats that seems to be gaining  popularity today on our lakes and rivers.

Everybody kinda knocks the the Mini bass boat with the idea there just not big enough for two people to fish from or there just not stable enough .  Well the only knock I have on my Bass Hunter BH 120 is the weight, it comes in at 166 lbs and can be a handful for one person to load in the back of a truck, but as far as not being big enough for two people or being unstable goes I'd have too take issue with.

Now I'm not trying to knock the old 10ft Jon Boat but in comparison they are just a little shy of the 10ft Plastic or Polyethylene boat. The Aluminum as a whole will measure 32" bottom width and 48" beam and will have 10" to 16" in depth with around a 300 lb weight capacity. In comparison the BH 120 measures 47.5" bottom width and a 54" beam and is 18" in depth and is rated at 565 lb capacity. Now that being said the thing that needs to be remembered is that all Plastic or Polyethylene are not created equal and one needs to there research before purchasing one of these boats because there is a world of differences between manufacturers.

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